Project Description



Maastricht, NL, 2011

Team: Edi Winarni, Benjamin Nast, Janna Rick, Moritz Gebb, Britta Liermann

Supervised by Herman Verkerk, Ernst van der Hoeven and Frank Brueggemann.

The GREAT INDOORS AWARD examined temporary solutions and strategies for vacant spaces and conversion under the theme “IN BETWEEN: Temporary Interiors, a Strategy for Sustainability”. Our task was to develop a sustainable concept for a 30.000 square meter big and unused park in the city centre of Maastricht, which initially belonged to the significant fabric of ceramics called “Sphinx”. For the first time the park was accessible to the public and could tell historical as well as present backgrounds of the area in several ways.
We decided to use scaffolding as our main material and created an entrance-bridge as a transition between the city and the park. By a handed over map and catalogue, our examinations about the area within all the explorations, such as types of soil, flowers and further interesting findings have been described to every visitor. The main exhibition took place in the centre of the park on a five meter high scaffolding plateau, where we presented all findings and had the opportunities to generate a panoramic view over the whole park as well.