Project Description

urban inbetween

Düsseldorf, Germany 2014

Master Thesis

Team: Benjamin Nast, Thomas Quack

Supervision of Prof. Philipp Teufel and Prof. Herman Verkerk

The urban space is a contested place; cities grow more and more together and merge into ever-growing urban metropolitan areas, the so-called urban agglomeration areas. It’s about non-places, forgotten places and difficult urban areas with untapped potential. Especially in recent years, these conditions have been discovered and have lead to new perspectives opening up. Urban in-between uses new guidelines for future urban planning integrating new opportunities for users as well as owners. Usable areas lie fallow in the city or are misconstrued as such. These need to be recognized and to be played around with individually.
Very early on, we dealt with spatial structures in our communication and exhibition design studies. For our thesis, we made it our task to research the above-mentioned scenarios and examine them in detail. We were focusing on the cities; Berlin & London. We have met and interviewed stakeholders, architects, politicians, designers, urban designers, landscape architects, cultural institutions, and of course the city’s inhabitants to form a base to illuminate various positions and stages of development. The collected contributions are summarized into a publication which will be published soon as well as presented as a exhibition for our thesis presentation.