Project Description

gestern wird schön

Düsseldorf, Germany, 2013

Team: Benjamin Nast,
Thomas Quack, Thomas Wirtz

Supervised by Ton van der Laaken

In cooperation with the Graf-Recke-Stiftung, students of the Fachhochschule Düsseldorf have developed creative solutions for people who suffer from dementia, encouraging perception, orientation and wellbeing of affected persons. The exhibition took place in the Johanneskirche Düsseldorf and was on for one month, starting on 9th January 2013. The opening-installation should sensitize and familiarize the visitor to the topic dementia, by creating an allegory of memories:
500 helium filled balloons and thereon attached notes enabled the visitor the opportunity to write down memorable moments and turn them up in the air. Initially the balloons were floating around on the church-ceiling, but due to the dissipation of the helium, they started to float through the whole room randomly until they were slowly falling to the ground again. Thus the visitor had the opportunity to invoke different fragments of memories of other participants.emories of other participants.