Project Description

mny installation

Berlin, Germany, 2014

Temporary Installation

A project by Maybelline New York and Fortes’Nickel in cooperation with Labor Fou.

On behalf of FORTES’NICKEL live communications, Labor Fou built a thread installation for the press conference of Maybelline New York at the gallery “Ebensperger”, as part of the Berlin Fashion Week. By using over 20 kilometer of colored thread (black, magenta and cyan), the material, which is light and delicate, transports a derivation to beauty and fashion.

Our aim was to spell out the key visual typography “MNY” by using a criss-cross technique on the wall, as well as create playful, running into each other, visuals through the whole space. Tying the ends together after finishing a spool was our approach to link the message of our work. Furthermore we wanted to fascinate the spectators, while examining and experiencing the installation by themselves.