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Munich beware! The legend strikes back: Shabbyshabby Apartments!
Winners are nominated now! A design to build competition for architecture- and design collectives, students and enthusiatic builders around the world.

These collectives will come to Munich 3-11 September 2015 and build their ideas.

Munich, Germany, September 2015

temporary living room

Team: Aljoscha Höhborn,
Benjamin Nast, Jan Bertil Meier,
Alain Yimbou, Thomas Quack, Hugh Laughlin

Elisabeth Merk, Director of the Munich planning Department
Hans-Georg Küppers, Director of the Department of Arts and Culture of Munich
Chris Dercon, Director Tate Modern/London
Kazunari Sakamoto, Architect/Tokyo (invited)
Anne-Julchen Bernhardt, Architect/Cologne
Niklas Maak, Journalist FAZ/Berlin
Cecile Andersson, Director Bergen Architecture School
Axel Timm & Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, raumlaborberlin
Who did not want to be an astronaut or a sailor when they were young?  To see the world with imagination was easy when we were children. A stick became a sword, two chairs made a ship, and empty cardboard boxes made the perfect home. There was no waste, just material; we almost forgot this important fact. We are going to build a ship named “Belafou“ heading to Müllerstrasse to demonstrate what can be achieved with time, space, and material.

Munich is not lost yet, even though the real estate prices rise ever higher. Silence and shrugging off the problem is not an option, because a future city that accommodates all begins now!

Our main substructure will be two scrap containers, a symbol for transition and makeshift. We want progress! Travellers, refugees, utopists – The ship is now our temporary dwelling. We bring with us our thoughts, visions and dreams.

We need reclaimed materials especially wood, a shelf for pallets and metal from local scrap yards. We will find a use for every scrap of material we can get. We will create portholes using the doors of old washing machines and adorn the bow with recycled scrap. The wood-panelled interior will give the cabin the good old feeling of gemutlichkeit. There is no water underneath, but concrete instead and all round us the houses of Munich.

The problems of the present are never a dead-end. To find our way, we must question the very foundations we stand on. We must venture forth to unknown places because we are sure our well known world will look a little different when watching from aboard the Belafou.

Cast off! Untie your imagination!

Wonderful pictures by: Matthias Kestel
labor-fou-belafou Rettungsboot Beiboot
belafou-muenchen-gaertnerplatz belafou-raumplan
belafou-team-hedline belafou-team