Graphic è Urbaninski.

Our joint experience combines both Graphic and Exhibition Design and one off temporary installations. We prefer an experimental approach, based upon improvising with local and recyclable materials on site. You see it’s all about interventions in urban space, allowing us not only to change the point of view of the spectator but also to develop new ways of perceiving the spaces’ original character.

Thomas Quack
Thomas Quack M.A. EXHIBITION DESIGN, Peter Behrens School of Arts - Faculty of Design

If he is not on his way through New Zealand in a converted van, hitchhiking through Iceland or cycling from Cologne to Istanbul, you can find him in the cities Berlin & Cologne. He was creating colourful grids for the Streetwear & Skateboard Company Ezekiel in Cologne and spoilbox supervisor at raumlaborberlin. Founder of Labor Fou, Milkmonkey member and strong interests in observing non-places, forgotten places and difficult urban areas with untapped potential.

Alain Yimbou
Alain YimbouM.A. COMMUNICATIONDESIGN, Peter Behrens School of Arts - Faculty of Design

He has children, offender by conviction, skateboarder with symptoms of old age, adventurer with an untypical ticking compass, he rocks an afro hairdo and the founder of studio milkmonkey. He’s  thinking about mediums and materials to communicate it to the world in different ways. There is no other way, that is for sure.

Benjamin Nast
Benjamin NastM.A. EXHIBITION DESIGN, Peter Behrens School of Arts - Faculty of Design

Creative freethinker with ginger perm hairdo, passionate backpack Inter-Railer, Plague of the Rhenish metropolis with a cathedral view and currently marooned on an island, where people have a ´healthy Full English for Brekkie. He’s working as a Designer for Milkmonkey & Founder of Labor Fou, has conceived and realized temporary exhibitions and is exploring unused, interesting & forgotten places around the urban environment to create a new perspective out of them.

Jan Bertil Meier
Jan Bertil Meier M.A. COMMUNICATIONSDESIGN, Peter Behrens School of Arts - Faculty of Design

Grew up as country bumpkin, conquered the world in a flash, stapled on a pushbike, gardening enthusiast, up for Fortuna Düsseldorf on the weekends, esoteric specialist and a sleepless workaholic at studio milkmonkey as well as twin of Labor Fou. Constructed, realized and fantasized impossible things which seem to work well in our world.